Start of Submissions/Registrations: 2rd December

Deadline for Submissions: 30th May (23.59 CET)
The Scientific Committee of the 6th International Congress on Complex Systems in Sports (ICCSS) invites all participants to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation.
The ICCSS is a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, teachers, trainers, coaches, performance analysts and educational developers to address current challenges and advances in the field of sport science. This year's motto of the congress “Moving Minds – Crossing Boundaries in Sport Science” is based on the scientific culture of the hosting Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, which invites to an active change and a common crossing of borders in science. The motto of this year's congress addresses how emerging and future approaches in theory and practice can be used in a meaningful way to enhance the understanding of sporting people, to contribute to efficient and effective training, and to assess the added value new analytical approaches.
The main aim of all congress sessions is to encourage participants from across fields to share knowledge, provide new insights and inspire the future of complex systems research in sports. Sessions also offer a platform to create inter- and cross-disciplinary contacts and collaborations.
Programme Structure
The ICCSS 2020 programme structure will consist of different session types:
  • Plenary Keynote sessions (by invited speakers)
  • Oral presentations (by invited speakers)
  • Oral presentations in parallel sessions
  • Poster presentations led by at least one of the Keynote-Lectures
The congress calls for abstracts focusing on inter and transdisciplinary themes by addressing many topics: analysts and coaches, learners and educators; guidelines and methodologies to enhance learning experience based on scientific findings; bridges between diagnosis and training; assessment of technologies’ educational added value; promotion of coherence and unity of analysis and learning; and improvement of complementarity between diagnosis, technology and learning.
Therefore, contributors have the opportunity to present in Oral Sessions and attractive Poster Sessions during the congress.
Presentation Types
  • Oral Presentation
  • Poster Presentation
Oral Presentation
Every presenter gives a maximum 10-minute oral presentation with additional 5 minutes for discussion. Oral presentation format is PowerPoint (16:9). Oral presentations must be pre-uploaded in the Speakers Ready Room one day in advance of your presentation (Wednesday till 10:00 am for presentations on this day). The use of your own laptop or USB is not permitted.
Poster Session
Special emphasis is given to the poster sessions as a possibility for real scientific exchange and critical discussions due to expanded time.

The Poster Session is guided by our keynote-speakers and divided in two parts: first, contributors provide short oral presentations (2-minutes) to the whole audience; then, presenters position themselves next to their respective poster for individual Q&A’s and discussion. Submissions relating to any topic on complexity are welcomed.
Size is A0 (height: 120 cm, width 90 cm) in portrait mode. All posters shall be put up one hour in advance at the poster boards. The posters will be removed in time before the next poster session and can be picked up at the Speakers Ready Room.
Abstract Formatting
Please follow the formatting instructions below when submitting an abstract:
  • Abstract must be typed into the Abstract Submission Form.
  • Abstracts are restricted to 3,000 characters (including spaces and references but not names or affiliations).
  • It may not contain any tables or graphs and is restricted to ASCII-characters only*.
    References in the text have to be cited at the end of the abstract (they must fit in the 3000 characters).
  • All abstract content is the sole responsibility of the author(s) of the abstract.
  • You can preview your abstract during the submission process. Abstracts will be printed exactly as they appear in the preview.
  • Editing is only possible at this stage.
  • Receipt confirmation of your abstract submission will be sent by e-mail from ConfTool System.
All accepted abstracts will be published in the congress proceedings, preconditioned the first author has paid the registration fee by the 15th July 2020.
* To make sure your abstract only contains ASCII characters, copy-paste the text first to a text-editor like Notepad, then "Save As..." and set Encoding to "ANSI"
How to Submit your Abstract
ICCSS cordially invites you to submit an abstract to be considered for presentation in any of the aforementioned presentation types.
Deadline for submission of Abstracts: April 17th, 2020
Language for Abstract: English.
Further Consideration
All accepted abstracts will be published in the congress’ book of abstracts. Upon acceptance, a minimum of one author must fully attend the congress and deliver the presentation according to the scheduled day and time. Should an author not comply with the requirements, the program chair or conference organizer reserves the right to remove the abstract and/or presentation from the conference schedule and/or conference book of abstracts.
We are eagerly looking forward to receiving abstracts from and about all parts of the globe to make this a truly international congress.
Wolfgang I. Schöllhorn, Chair of the Scientific Committee
Gerardo Bielons, Chair of the Organizing Committee
The registration system for the 6th International Congress on
Complex Systems in Sports 2020 is open now!

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